My quest for a completely animal free diet

Oct 04

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This just in!

When you eat a spinach calzone at midnight, your 8am run the next morning will be a slow one!!

But at least I didn’t stop, and I made it 3 miles! Getting back into it =)

Sep 16

Back from a nice 20 minute jog in the park before shower and church!

Back from a nice 20 minute jog in the park before shower and church!

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I’m back….

It has been a very long time since I logged into this blog.

I am currently sticking to a strict vegetarian diet… absolutely no meat, fish, shellfish, or even eggs and milk. I have, however, reintroduced small amounts of cheese, yogurt, and butter into my diet (though butter is VERY minimal, as I find Earth Balance preferable anyway).

I also found there were things in my life that required more time and attention then my eating habits, for the sake of my mental health and for my family and overall quality of life.

But, now that things are back on track… I have once again been paying more attention to my meals, cooking more and making more vegan meals (even for my boyfriend!!) and I have been focusing on exercise again!  I decided I would like to get back into blogging about health and fitness, even just for my own personal use.

So… here I am! =)

Mar 08



Looks tasty!



Looks tasty!

Feb 22

Eliminating Gluten from my diet as a part of Lent.

So, I’ll be a gluten-free vegan.  One step closer to raw =)

Feb 12

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4 Foods That Negatively Effect Your Mood -


1. Soy
2. Diet soda
3. Sugar
4. Coffee

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Feb 06

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Feb 04


Spinach-Coconut Chickpea Fritters!


Spinach-Coconut Chickpea Fritters!

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